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I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off.

Austenland, end credits [x]

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The look of total disgust on his face fills me with glee.

EW First Look
Keri Russell Meets Jane Austen
Yes, those are cell phones at a croquet game. Premiering at Sundance in January,Austenland follows modern-day Jane Hayes (Keri Russell) to a theme resort in search of love. Director Jerusha Hess (who co-wrote Napoleon Dynamite) says Russell’s character ”doesn’t know what’s real.” She adds that Jennifer Coolidge and Bret McKenzie costar, and that Jane Seymour’s character, Mrs. Wattlesbrook, ”holds the comedy in her clutches and is the evil mastermind behind this crazy resort.” —Lindsey Bahr

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Till now that she was threatened with its loss, Emma had never known how much of her happiness depended on being first with Mr. Knightley, first in interest and affection…She had herself been first with him for many years past. She had not deserved it; she had often been negligent or perverse, slighting his advice, or even wilfully opposing him, insensible of half his merits, quarrelling with him because he would not acknowledge her false and insolent estimate of her own - but still, from family attachment and habit, and thorough excellence of mind he had loved her, and watched over her from a girl, with an endeavour to improve her, and an anxiety for her doing right, which no other creature had at all shared. In spite of all her faults, she knew she was dear to him; might she not say, very dear?

Emma, Jane Austen

Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony, which is why I will end up an old maid." - Pride and Prejudice, 2005.

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socially awkward Darcy is the best Darcy.

Ever,  Jane.